Stop killing our legacy! A look into what big Industry “food” is doing to the health of our kids.

Is this what you want to feed your kids with? It’s time to start taking our health and that of our future generations seriously.

In America, kids are on track to die before their parents! That’s a parents worst nightmare!

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The doctor’s news is not good. Americans are in poorer health and are dying sooner than the rest of the industrialized world. Call it the “mortality gap.”

The facts are disquieting. A 2011 study of 17 industrialized countries — 13 in Western Europe, plus the U.S., Australia, Japan and Canada — found that American men, whose life expectancy is 75.6 years, ranked last, and U.S. women, at 80.7 years, ranked 16th. Worse, this gap has been widening for the past three decades

Healthy living group!

First of all, I wanted to share with you one short success story that we have heard of and also something we experienced personally in the three weeks into our gluten-free journey and this blog.

I’m very much a family person. Therefore, I didn’t waste any time in sharing our nutrition decision with some of my immediate family. I must say, the reactions have been quite interesting. Some people are very skeptical towards any nutrition or life altering conversations, others embrace it with an open mind and open arms. My sister and her family embraced the healthy lifestyle after Anna and I had a video conference with her and her husband. She has been struggling with health issues and contemplating making changes to her diet, but i will let you discover her story from her point of view. Katya started chronicling her own gluten-free journey on her blog

Katya E Kal

it’s important to talk to positive people about this journey.

In the past two weeks, I have went to lunch and attended events where fresh baked bread and pastries were served – and I didn’t feel the urge to have “just a bite.”   I’m positive that this is because I know that it will hurt me and that I’m choosing to eat better for my family and for me.


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The Gluten Summit

I Love bread, so gluten free is not for me?

That makes at least two of us. I like bread just as much as the next guy, I enjoy a good pretzel bun on my burger and dough under my pizza sauce. Now that I’m living a gluten free lifestyle, does that mean that I need to cut out all breads from my diet all together?

In one word, No. You do not need to completely eliminate all bread from your diet. And no, you do not need to eat rice cakes all day, every day from now on. However, you do need to educate yourself a little before you go out to the store to buy your next loaf of bread or go out to eat at the local pizzeria.

Late notice. Gluten-Free class today at Whole Foods in Wheaton

This is somewhat of an unusual blog post. More of a NOTICE than a blog post actually. My wife just called a few minutes ago. She was at our local Whole Foods Market in Wheaton, IL, and they are advertising a gluten-free class that will be held tonight for those who are interested. We are planning on going and hope that some of you can make it out there also. I cant really say what will be covered since its not even posted on Whole Foods even calendar for that store.Come learn with us. And even if the class is a bust, we would love to meet some of our followers and help answer some questions and provide ideas for a gluten free lifestyle on a budget. The class will be held @ 7:30PM – 8:00PM
(630) 588-1500
151 Rice Lake Square
Wheaton, IL 60189
It turned out that the class was canceled since not enough people signed up. It would have been nice if they let people know that there is a sign up sheet. Nonetheless, it was worth the trip to Whole Foods today. We bumped into some friends and even a family member all at the checkout counter. We were buying some ingredients for a home made hummus recipe that we will be sharing if it turns out the way we hope it will. Also, we discovered that Whole Foods has their own marketing manager that posts most events to facebook. I will be monitoring their page for important nutrition classes and other events that might be useful. Who knows, maybe we can even petition them to re-schedule the gluten-free class for later this month. If you want to follow the local Wheaton Whole Foods Market, here is the link.